Pet Perspectives

No More Bows  by Samantha Cotterill (Harper)

Rhyming Poem: If My Dog Could Talk by Kirk Mann

If dogs could talk I think our dog

Would have a lot to say.

He’d probably tell my little brother,

”SIT and now just STAY.”


He’s probably tell my sister,

“How about an ice-cream cone?”

He’d probably tell my mother,

“Please go get me a big bone.”


He’d probably tell my father,

“Make a left turn up ahead.”

He’s probably tell me,

“Kid, tonight

I’m sleeping in your bed.”


Cone Cat by Sarah Howden (Owlkids Books)


Action Song:  I’m a Little Kitty Cat

Tune: I’m a Little Teapot 


I’m a little kitty cat 

nice and sweet

Here are my whiskers

Here are my feet

When I go out hunting

Mice beware

Or you just might get a scare!


Don’t Call Me Choochie Pooh! by Sean Taylor (Candlewick Press)