Mo’s Mustache by Ben Clanton (Tundra Books)

Fingerplay: Ten Little Mustaches

(Tune: Ten Little Indians)


One little, two little, three little mustaches

Four little, five little, six little mustaches

Seven little, eight little, nine little mustaches

Ten little mustaches under your nose.


Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos (Clarion Books)

Action Rhyme: Mr. Lou

There once lived a man named Mr. Lou,

He had a mustache that grew, and GREW!

It stretched as far as his ears,

And looked as if it had grown for years

Until one day he sneezed and it flew…ACHOOOO!


Mustache Duckstache by Amy Young (Viking Books for Young Readers)

My Father’s Mustache by Brian P. Cleary

My father’s mustache is the largest in town.

It’s bigger than all of the others.

It grows all along the width of his face

And continues right onto his brother’s.