Boxitects by Kim Smith (Clarion)


Action Rhyme: A Little Box

A little box (hold hands slightly apart)

A bigger box (hold hands farther apart)

A great big box I see. (arms wide)

Now let's count them.


Are you ready?


One, (arms wide)

Two, (hands closer together)

Three. (hold hands slightly apart).


Not a Box by Antoniette Portis (Harper Collins Publishers)


Fingerplay: Little Turtle

I had a little turtle (hands on top of each other, move thumbs)

Who lived in a box (make box)

He swam in the puddles and climbed on the rocks (with hands swim, climb)

He snapped at a mosquito (clap), he snapped at a flea (clap)

He snapped at a minnow (clap), and he snapped at me (clap)

He caught the mosquito (cup hands), he caught the flea (cup hands),

He caught the minnow (cup hands), but he didn’t catch me! (wag finger)



What to Do with a Box? By Jane Yolen (Creative Editions)