Mail Time!

Welcome, Friends! We got a letter at storytime today! Let’s open it and see what it says. It’s from the dinosaurs at the library! A video of this storytime will be published on October 8.

The Mail Carrier Song (Tune:  “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”)

Write, Write, Write your cards

and lots of letters too!

I will bring them to your friends

and they will write back too!

Read Snail Mail by Samantha Berger
Publisher: Running Press Kids

Action Song-Lovely Little Letter in the Mail

(to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”

Oh, I got a lovely letter in the mail (clap, clap)

Oh, I got a lovely letter in the mail (clap, clap)

Getting mail is so much fun

Let’s see who sent this one

Oh, this lovely little letter in the mail. (clap, clap)

Read Can I Be Your Dog? By Troy Cummings
Publisher: Random House

Fingerplay- Five Little Letter

5 Little letters lying on a tray,

Mommy came in and took the 1st away.

Then Daddy said, “This big one is for me.”

I counted them twice, now there were 3.

My brother asked, “Did I get any mail?”

He found one and cried, “A letter from Gail!”

My sister took the next to last,

And ran upstairs to open it fast!

I can’t read yet, so I’m not able to see,

Whom the last one’s for, but I hope it’s for me!

Read It Came in the Mail by Ben Clanton
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers