Create an Email Address

Create an Email Address

To apply for a job online, you will need an email address. You can set one up for free through sites like,, or Google’s Gmail will ask for a cell phone number to send text messages and register your account. If you do not have a cell phone number that can receive text messages, consider choosing another email provider.

When creating a new email address, remember to keep it professional! It is a good idea to leave any personal information, including your age or year of birth, out of your email address. The simplest address would be something like

Some people create a new email address just for job-hunting purposes.

Click here to learn more about creating an email address:

Whether you already have an email account, or you are creating a new one, you will need to remember your password. Use a password you will remember or write it down someplace safe.

Each website where you complete an application will have you create an account. You will need to remember your password for each of these accounts, also.