Population Dynamics

Learn about population dynamics with library teen, Kelleah and her brother Quinn! Information was prepared by a Homeschool Environmental Class.

Let’s Learn about Population Dynamics!

The world is a crazy place, always moving and always growing, but what if there were some way to make sense of all this? Well, population dynamics does just that by tracking and predicting information. Through the study of population  dynamics we can, for example, find out just how big a family of rabbits can grow (it’s a lot!) and what kind of things stop them from growing too much. As more information is gathered on this population, they are placed into one of two categories and we can start to be able to see how the rabbits will grow and change in the future. In addition to this, we can see just how rabbits (and other animals and plants) live: how they raise their young, how they survive environmental challenges, what those challenges are, and more!

In this video you’ll learn about exponential and logistical growth, carrying capacity, limiting factors like density dependent and independent factors, graphing survivorship curves, biodiversity, r and k selected species and how they live, and the importance of each. These topics are all functioning parts of population dynamics and each plays a role- much like animals in an ecosystem- in how we interact with our environment. From this, we can understand how to better both our lives and the environment around us, in the future. So go explore and learn just what is in the world around you!