About the Makers' Lab


Come visit the craft room of your dreams!

The Makers’ Lab is a space full of supplies and equipment for your next creative project. During appointments, the lab is open for users to bring their creativity and project ideas and staff will be there to support and assist them!

Who can use the Makers Lab?

Teens over 16 years and adults can use the Makers' Lab! Anyone ages 16-18 will need a parent/guardian signature on the Makers' Lab Policy Agreement.

When can I use the Makers' Lab?

The Makers' Lab can be used during Open Hours on Saturday from 3:00-5:00 pm. 

The Makers' Lab is also open for appointments. Fill out this form to request an appointment!

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There are so many projects you can make!

We have a list of all the materials in the Makers’ Lab to make planning your project easy! We’ve also included information about what kind of consumable supplies you might expect in the Makers’ Lab, how much you can use, what you can bring yourself, and what you can purchase.

Read the Makers’ Lab Policy.

Check out the Makers’ Lab User Guidelines.