Time Log Readers

Slogan 3

Reading anything counts—books, magazines, newspapers, etc... Listening to audio books counts only when paired with the book. Keep track of the actual minutes read. Please do not guess.

Keep track of the number of minutes read on the reading log provided. Each icon is worth 20 minutes of reading, 500 minutes per log. If you run out of room on the log, keep track of the minutes read on another sheet of paper. All logs must be turned in by 5:00 pm on Saturday, August 5.

The reader will receive a small prize and a chance ticket for each log turned in. The chance ticket can be placed in the box of an item that the reader would like to win. We will draw for the prizes at the awards ceremony. The reader must be present to win the chance prizes or someone you appoint (grandparent, neighbor, whomever you choose) may claim the prize if your child's name is drawn. The awards ceremony is on August 10 at 7:00 for time log readers.

Awards Ceremonies

The awards ceremony for the title and time log readers will be on Thursday, August 10 at Buda Elementary's Kunkel Room (upper campus). Please check in with the people by the front door before you go in the Kunkel Room.

Time Log Readers - 7:00 pm